What are the benefits of Upsers at UPS
Upsers Benefits


UPsers Benefits


UPS is one of the leading parcel and package delivery firm in US. It is mainly involved in the business of transportation, parcel service and logistics support. Particularly the motto of Upsers.com is to “Deliver Hope” throughout the nation. Upsers services include shipping, parcel tracking, billing, international trading, logistics and transportation, customer solution etc. In order to serve the huge customer base, Upsers.com employees work in different departments. Such as, Sales department, Package Handler, IT Department, Business Management, Logistics and Operations etc. In order to encourage the best customer service nationwide, UPS offers exclusive Upsers benefits to its employees. This benefits are in the form of Health & Wellness, Insurance, Training programs etc.





Benefits of UPS / Benefits of Upsers


In the meantime, this is an article for those who want to know more in details about Upsers benefits. So, go through the entire page to know about UPS employee benefits. UPS is a team of individuals from diversified fields. And all are working with a specific mission with a great passion. For instance, Upsers employees have to go through intensive load of global deliveries every day. So, the reputation of UPS entirely depends on these persons only, who delivers hope.


Benefits of UPS


In order to encourage and appreciate such employees, UPS support their employees with full-time benefits. In addition, they get various opportunities and range of training modules. Hence, they can enhance their knowledge and can promote themselves from within. Further, Upsers have freedom to upgrade their role and profile number of times. At every level, Upsers hard work, innovative ideas and passion gets rewarded. Hence, within UPS wherever you go, you will find hardworking, enthusiastic and entrepreneurial Upsers.


UPS offers series of options to Upsers to live and maintain balance between work and family, between education and friends. In short, everything what you can dream of. For, further details there is a facility of Upsers Portal using which employees can check and review applicable benefits. Upsers make sure that, when they deliver parcel or package to its customer, that should exceed the expectations of the customer. Therefore, UPS tries to match the expectations of their employees regarding healthcare and compensations. Also, such full-time benefits should be applicable to part-time employees. Furthermore, UPS ensure that, everyone in the company gets comprehensive payment package. All in all, UPS is the only business organization which provides all benefits to even its hourly associates.






UPS Tuition Assistance Program


In order to ensure an educational development progression in employees, UPS offers Tuition Assistance Program (TAP). Importantly, UPS believes that, their growth is directly linked with the Upsers Employees. Hence, they put their efforts to retrain and develop well all-round qualified Upsers. Upsers TAP programs’ mission is to “Grow as a company, Prosper as a business and Excel as a global service”.




In case of US, TAP is available for,


  • Full-time Employee (Non-union)
  • Part-time Employee (Management)
  • Part-time Employee (Union Employee)


As per one UPS report, the company invest around $300 million yearly for the growth and development of Upsers Careers within the organization. In case, you want to know about TAP eligible criteria or application procedure, you can visit program administration EDCOR.



Health and Wellness Programs


With the intention of helping Upsers health and wellness needs, UPS run different benefit plans. Also, UPS contributes a certain part to the union administrative authority, for such plans on behalf of Upsers. In the interest of employees there are so many award winning benefits being offered to Upsers. Some of them are as below.




  • Medical Facilities
  • Dental Care
  • Vision & Eye Care
  • Prescription Drug Program
  • Life Insurance for Upsers
  • Supplemental Group Universal Life Program
  • Business Travel Accident Insurance
  • Sickness & Accident Insurance
  • Long-Term Disability with Inflation coverage
  • Long-Term Care Insurance
  • Child/Eldercare Spending Accounts
  • Healthcare Spending Accounts
  • Cancer Insurance – Critical Care
  • Work-Life Balance Programs


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UPS believes that, long term association of Upsers with company is equally important both for UPS ownership and employee future success. In order to promote international business, it is necessary to share rewards. Also, to increase the commitment within Upsers, promotion of commercial benefits is essential. For instance, for full-time and part-time Upsers, management and non-management employees, union and union free etc.


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Industry Competitive Salaries


UPS is committed for the financial growth of Upsers. Thus UPS offers, industry best payment package, compensation benefits and hourly payment. For example, ranging from drivers, parcel delivery man to IT professionals, Upsers are among the highest paid in the industry.


Managers Incentive Plan (Profit Sharing)


UPS also offers, profit sharing for certain level employee, under Managers Incentive Plan. For that, all your years’ hard work and dedication towards UPS is being appreciated by allow you profit sharing.




Benefits Disclaimer: All the information regarding Upsers benefits and compensation is based on best of our knowledge. All such information is subject to change. So, it is always advisable to check it on the official upsers.com website.



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