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UPS is very famous and has presence in more than 220 countries. Thus, UPS promotes manpower diversity in almost all the levels. UPS offers an opportunity to enhance knowledge, grow and get success within the organization. Upsers get chance to avail training, skills, education for individual growth and empowerment. In this article, you will know about Careers at Upsers.


Upsers are working across skies, waters, borders everywhere, to deliver the promise of global customers every single day. Hence, to fulfill requirements of such a huge customer base, UPS offers numerous job opportunities in different career fields. Therefore, you can be sure to search roles that matches with your expertise and skills. Also, you can further look lifetime working and personal development possibilities.


In order to get consultation and advice new business opportunities, UPS Connect offers support. There are user friendly tools of UPS Store, which will help to develop your start-up business. Sometimes, Upsers gets confused due to numerous job options available within the organization. So, it is important to know about every option available with UPS Careers.






How to Apply for Jobs at UPS


UPS has an online job portal, on which potential job seekers can browse for suitable positions. Hence, to become a part of such an esteemed organization it is important to know how to apply. Also, UPS is having one of the highest customer satisfaction ratings. Therefore, someone who is having specialization in certain field can easily find job in UPS to become Upsers. There are different work options open in UPS. Such as, Full-time, Part-time or seasonal jobs. Careers at varies from parcel delivery, packaging, drivers, flight attendants, Warehouse manpower, Logistics & transportation, IT professional, management consultants, Engineers, Financial management etc.


• To begin with, go to the official UPS Job Portal at

• Furthermore, under Jobs/Careers tab, select suitable Job Type. Such as Part-time, Full-time or Seasonal.

♥ Conversely, you can also navigate by selecting Specialization Field.

• Moreover, select City and State you are residing at and want to work at.

• Further, it will display all available positions in the chosen City.

So, select the job/position you want to apply and follow onscreen instructions.



Careers at Upsers / UPS Collects information from Applicant


In order to evaluate job application, UPS collects certain personal information from applicant. When, anyone applies for UPS jobs using online mode, they need to fill an application form on the job portal. So, during making online application, the portal will ask for certain information. Such as;

• Full Name of Applicant

• Username to create UPC careers account

♥ Date of Birth (DoB)

• Gender

• Recent Photograph

♥ Proof on Nationality, work permit, driver’s license (Photocopy may require)

• Residential Status and Present address proof of residence

• Applicants contact details such as, email address, phone number etc.

♥ Also, Marital/Civil partnership status and details of dependents.

• Latest Resume/CV including information such as, education, experience, certification, skills, background, language known etc.

• Last salary drawn information



Careers at Upsers


Package Handler


In, around 82% of the manpower is engaged in parcel and package delivery, driving UPS vehicles or both. So, this is the job which runs round the clock and both full-time and part-time vacancies always available. Hence, any hardworking individual can apply for this position and witness positive impact on overall global scale. Importantly, the parcel or package weight varies between 25 to 75 lbs. Therefore, it is an ideal job for part-timers who are ready to work 3-4 hours daily.


UPS Driver


UPS Driver is a backbone of the company and are true ambassador of the Upsers community. Clearly, they are the face and voice of Upsers global community. Generally, customers see their smiling faces and greeting speeches which is the trademark of UPS. So, anyone who is having valid full CPC B1/C1 driver’s license for past 2 years, can apply for this job.

UPS Jobs - Part-Time Jobs to Full-Time Jobs at UPS

UPS Sales Professional


In order to increase companies profit, Sales Professional is one of the important role. To begin with, you will have a chance to work with Upsers diverse and innovative professionals. Moreover, the revenue figures of $50 million itself tells the story of globally available opportunities within UPS. Hence, for this position you should have expertise in the fields of sales, distribution, consumer relationship, goods management, supply chain solutions, management of global freight and inventory etc.


UPS IT Department


After all, this is the department which enables everything moving forward. IT department helps the entire organization to keep going employee, customers and business. In order to track UPS parcels, the online tracking system is a kind of technological advancement. Such UPS portal handles over 20 million parcels/packages every day. Also, around 5 million UPS customers track their parcel online using portal. So, for this position candidate should have expertise in large database handling, programming skills, innovative and analytical spirit etc. Importantly, if you have knowledge of ECMAScripts from your T-SQLs, you could be absolutely perfect choice for UPS IT Department.


Business Management


In order to manage such a huge business efficiently and accurately, natural leaders are the basic requirement. So, UPS is always in search of such skilful workforce who can show their natural leadership, planning skills and organizational expertise. Business Management professionals keep UPS moving by their communication skills and risk management strategies. For this position, candidate should have unparalleled leadership qualities and strong self-motivation to succeed.


UPS Logistics and Operations


UPS Logistics and Operations plays an important key role between UPS and customers. Due to them only, Upsers and customers can perform or get services accurately. In order to keep business moving on-time and on-budget they are the key members. This particular filed requires individuals from different groups and diverse communities and background, various educational background etc. Also, candidate should have inherent wish to succeed for this position.



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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


It is always beneficial to ask question, if you have any doubt in your mind. UPS also believes in the same philosophy. In order to join UPS, people keep asking so many questions. So, here are those queries and their solutions.


I can’t find Job/Location; I am interested in on Can I still apply?


UPS manpower hiring process continues round the year. So, jobs and locations keep changing frequently. Hence, if you don’t find anything according to your location, come back on after a couple of days. Thus, if anything is opening which is of your interest, then you can apply. Further, you can always search that, if any job opportunities available in any particular location. Also, you can check about UPS’s recruitment is active in any area or not. One can also find any precise job/skills related information. However, still you have any queries, simply call on 1-888-877-3808 to get solution.


Working at UPS


After application, within how many days I will hear back from UPS?


In general, for any job vacancy UPS receives number of job applications. There are so many deserving candidates who want to be Upsers. UPS receives most applications for part-time jobs. Due to high number of part-time job seekers, sometimes it is not possible to contact every person. However, HR department of keep reviewing application and based on requirement they call candidates. So, if there are any suitable openings in UPS, you will get call immediately. In this case, application submission, your application will remain active in Upsers portal for next 60 days. Also, you can check it online on by visiting “Application Centre” tab. Simply enter your pass-code which you must have created at the time of first time application with UPS. In case you don’t have pass-code or you forgot your pass-code, it is possible to make fresh job inquiry with UPS.


Can I reschedule my interview at Careers at Upsers?


Of course yes. In order to check and review your interview date and time, go to the Furthermore, visit the “Application Centre” tab and get in to the portal by entering your Pass-code. At the time of an online application with you must have created pass-code. In the online UPS portal, you can reschedule your interview/appointment. However, it should be done well in advance.




How to find direction to the interview venue?


To find best possible route and directions to the interview venue, visit Then after, login to the portal by using your pass-code. On Upsers Login you will see your interview date, time and location information. Furthermore, there you will find an option of “Get Direction”. Hence, clicking on that, a map showing direction to UPS interview venue will be appearing on screen.


What to do when I got Locked Out?


In order to access Upsers Login portal, it is essential to enter your User ID and Password. In case, you make 3 unsuccessful attempts on the UPS portal, your access to portal will get locked for around next 30 minutes. So, try again after 30 minutes and be careful next time. If the problem persists, it is better to reset your Upsers password.


What is UPS Tech Cares Number?


UPS Tech Cares Number is 1-888-877-TECH. At here, you will get solution of your query related to  So, simply call on UPS support by dialing 1-888-877-TECH.


How to contact UPS Customer Service Agent?


In order to talk to UPS Customer Service Agent, simply dial 1-888-742-5877. Furthermore, press “0” and hold the line for some time. Then after, an automated system of UPS will connect your call to UPS Customer Service Agent.



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